Hey thanks for stopping by! I suppose if you're reading this, you probably want to know a little bit about me! I'm Heather! I have many passions in this life and photography just so happens to be one of em! Photography affords me a creative outlet where I can create beautiful imagery, meet awesome new people, and go to amazing new places! I have a Master's of Science in Biology, woot woot! By trade, I am a full time High School Biology teacher :) I know right? Doesn't seem like a logical fit, science teacher.....photographer??? Usually those two things don't mesh. I LOVE it! My high schoolers are amazing! Science and Photography allow me to play with both sides of my brain :) One of my other passions is music. I don't care what kind (well, except for country and blue grass....bleck.....). I love to play music, I love to listen to music, I love to discover new music. Music literally frees my soul (cheesy I know). I am a pianist, a clarinetist, a flutist, a saxophonist, etc...... I'm a Ford Mustang enthusiast. I love to travel, I don't care where. I'd love to go to Alaska sometime, and any foreign country, always wanted to see Russia....I suppose I should probably talk about the absolute loves of my life. What keeps me grounded and gives me purpose. The first is my husband, Keven. Yes yes, he is my other half and my best friend. He's the more logical and practical side of me. We don't have children but we do have two dogs that are practically our children. Sam the 4 lb Yorkie, and Ranger the 135 lb Great Dane. :) You guessed it! The little one is the boss. Lastly, my family. I come from very strong family values. They're the only ones that fully understand you, and even they don't get it right sometimes. Like all families, we may fight, we may have our differences, but we've got each other's back at the end of the day. Sounds like the mafia right? Well any who, thanks again for reading this! I look forward to our next adventure together and getting to hear about you!